Tuesday, September 18, 2012


COFFEE AND DONUTS: Utilizing this former Mission Police Station as a set, Chris Sollars will activate the former station through actions and video. Southern Machine Exposure Project is a project developed by Southern Exposure (San Francisco) and Machine Project (Los Angeles), involving 20 combinations of artists and performers from LA and SF, presented off-site in 20 homes in the Bay Area over 20 consecutive days from June 11 - 30.
source: Southern Exposure (SoEx)

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COFFEE AND DONUTS promo (02:28)

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Sunday, September 16, 2012


Given that The Sucklord is a man of the people, what is his message to the masses?

Buy this shit, motherfuckers! You need this stuff! You need to have this because it is going to compel you whatever it is you’re going to do in the world. The Sucklord’s just a loser from New York with a few talents and a little support, and if you’ve got a good idea and discipline and are willing to suffer for it, you can do your thing. But until you get your thing together, buy his thing.
source: Cyriaque Lamar - Evil toy mastermind The Sucklord and his “ghetto Star Wars” empire (2011)

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TOY LORDS of CHINATOWN: Episode 1 (07:53)

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Episode 2 (11:56)

Episode 3 (19:43)
Saturday, September 15, 2012

Nao Bustamante

Nao Bustamante is an internationally known performance and video artist originating from the San Joaquin Valley of California. Her (often precarious) work encompasses performance art, sculpture, installation and video. Bustamante has presented in Galleries, Museums, Universities and underground sites all around the world.
source: Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI)

Hemispheric Institute of Performance: Given Over to Want (hemi)

artinfo: Jaclyn Loraso - The “Work of Art” Exit Interview

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Nao’s short Bio-Pic (09:47)

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Friday, September 14, 2012

Josef Dabernig, G.R.A.M.: automatic (2002)

Drei Männer, drei Autos, drei Obsessionen: mysteriöse Andeutungen reifen zu konkreten Handlungen, im geschützten Raum aus Glas, Chrom und Blech wird gezeichnet, meditiert und fotografiert. Eine in der ländlichen Garage angesiedelte Studie über die Getriebenheit, ein staubiges Road-Movie in Schwarz-Weiss, ohne Asphalt und ohne heulende Motoren. Skurril-witziger Bodensatz zwischen Reifenstapel, Ledersitzen und Alu-Felgen: abseits von narrativer Schlüssigkeit, werden in „automatic“ Genres wie Film Noire oder Nouvelle Vague zitiert.
Josef Dabernig/G.R.A.M.

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Josef Dabernig, G.R.A.M.: automatic (06:54)

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jason Underhill - JESSIE LIVES

Jason Underhill, b. 1982 in Los Angeles. Jason’s work has been screened and exhibited internationally in the U.S. and around Europe, at venues including The Hayward Gallery, London, ICA, London, Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles, Landmark at Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway, The Royal Academy of Art, London, and Sala Rekalde, Bilbao. In 2008, Jason’s film JESSIE LIVES was selected for Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries, an annual traveling exhibition of emerging artists in the UK.

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JESSIE LIVES - B.M.O.C. (Big Man on Campus) (03:07)

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JESSIE LIVES: Lookin’ For Friends in all the Wrong Places (16:29)
JESSIE LIVES: FOUL (2007) (04:48)
JESSIE LIVES: The Painting (2006) (06:46)
JESSIE LIVES: Fake It Till you Make It (2007) (17:45)
Sunday, September 9, 2012

David Lynch - Industrial Symphony No.1


A performance art collaboration between the director/composer team of BLUE VELVET and TV’s TWIN PEAKS, staged at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. As always the collaboration between Lynch and Badalamenti yields a disturbing, fascinating, and comic combination of image and music. The story begins with Cage telling Dern, WILD AT HEART style, “I gotta go, baby”. Heartbroken, Dern reacts like Lula might, then dreams that she’s floating above a landscape (as Julee Cruise) littered with dwarfs, men on stilts, abandon cars crawling with naked women, and grotesque monsters, while singing songs about love.
source: rottentomatoes

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David Lynch - Industrial Symphony No.1 (49:25)

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Friday, September 7, 2012

Urso Morto - e assim vou morrendo violentamente

“and yet, i keep on diying a violent death”

Trilha sonora:
Linda Batista - Se eu morresse amanhã de manhã.



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e assim vou morrendo violentamente (and yet, i keep on diying a violent death) (04:40)

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