Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jason Underhill - JESSIE LIVES

Jason Underhill, b. 1982 in Los Angeles. Jason’s work has been screened and exhibited internationally in the U.S. and around Europe, at venues including The Hayward Gallery, London, ICA, London, Dan Graham Gallery, Los Angeles, Landmark at Bergen Kunsthall, Bergen, Norway, The Royal Academy of Art, London, and Sala Rekalde, Bilbao. In 2008, Jason’s film JESSIE LIVES was selected for Bloomberg’s New Contemporaries, an annual traveling exhibition of emerging artists in the UK.

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JESSIE LIVES - B.M.O.C. (Big Man on Campus) (03:07)

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JESSIE LIVES: Lookin’ For Friends in all the Wrong Places (16:29)
JESSIE LIVES: FOUL (2007) (04:48)
JESSIE LIVES: The Painting (2006) (06:46)
JESSIE LIVES: Fake It Till you Make It (2007) (17:45)
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Broken City Lab - Drift

“Drift will offer you a random series of creative cues to guide you on your own “psychogeographic walk” through the city. Maybe it’ll ask you to head two blocks to the west, then look for a crack in the sidewalk, then head in the opposite direction until you stumble across something terrible.
The app invites you to photograph your findings – something “undervalued,” something “warm,” something “out of the ordinary” – to upload into a group photostream that Broken City Lab plans to curate on its website. The directions are all meant to be broadly interpreted (“Find an exchange”? This may mean to one person an exchange of glances on the sidewalk, or to another an exchange of cash at a hot-dog stand.)

All of these idiosyncratic directions won’t literally make you “lost.” Drift is trying to use that word playfully….”
source: transmediacamp101


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Drift: a tool for getting lost in familiar places (02:00)

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youtube: Broken City Lab releases its Drift app (02:16)
Sunday, August 26, 2012

CAN MASDEU - Jorgelina Barrera (2007 – 72 min. – España)

Las huellas del pasado y el abandono, gradualmente se funden en espacios con otras huellas que representan el paso del tiempo recuperado, la búsqueda de sentido de la vida en comunidad y la de la tierra como puente para las relaciones humanas.

Después de cincuenta años de abandono, en diciembre de 2001, la antigua masia de Can Masdeu, es okupada y rehabilitada como vivienda y centro social rurbano.

La cotidianeidad de sus veinticuatro okupantes transcurre paralelamente con la de los vecinos del barrio, compartiendo el cultivo de la tierra y la defensa de uno de los últimos valles no urbanizados de la ladera barcelonina del Parc de Collserola.

Universitat de Barcelona. Departament d’Antropologia Cultural i Història d’Amèrica i Àfrica.

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CAN MASDEU - Jorgelina Barrera (2007 – 72 min. – España)

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Friday, August 24, 2012

Graffiti Philosophy by xraymike2012

“Graffiti Philosophy” is my attempt at illustrating the state of the world in which we currently live: one where an oligarchic-corporate empire has corrupted and usurped governments, destroyed worker’s rights and wages, subverted the Fourth Estate, indoctrinated the population into a mindless and superficial consumer culture, built and instituted a police/surveillance state side-by-side with the military industrial complex, and hastened the environmental destruction of the planet.(xraymike2012) collapseofindustrialcivilization
source: mediaroots

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Graffiti Philosophy (03:19)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Artistes de guerre 2011

Artistes de guerre - Théâtres de conflits - Tracks

Un reportage de Gabrielle Culand Avec Emeric Lhuisset, Aman Mojadidi et Alain Declercq. De Kaboul au Kurdistan irakien, la terreur les inspire. Les artistes de guerre montent au front.

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Artistes de guerre / War artists (13:50)

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre - The Ambassadors

Ana Laura Lopez de la Torre is a Latin American artist based in London since 1995. Her practice is concerned with issues of social responsibility and citizenship, through an examination of the changing role and status of creative professions in our society.

Her work explores the dynamics of spontaneous networking and sharing amongst people, through media such as live events, the Internet or publications. She is interested in bringing informal communities together and assisting them to develop and explore their own creativity, seeking to re-establish lost ties between individuals, and to highlight the beauty and complain!
source: re-title

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The Ambassadors (03:48)

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Guy Collins - Bagger 288 (2012)

To effectively strip mine, you need a big ol’ piece of machinery called a
Bagger 288, which is heavier than the Titanic. This same machine is the star of Guy Collins’ latest animated short, which follows a rogue Bagger 288 through a journey of self discovery.
source: coldhardflash

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Bagger 288 (03:24)

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