Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Greyworld - The Tail 2006

Everyone wants to have a tail. We wanted one that could do all the naughty things you dream of, but dont dare. Get a Tail to express your cheeky side. So we created one! Its fully controllable, it can bend and flex and knock things off tables, tremble and twist and curl, and of course wag and get frisky. Now, you can own one! Ever since 2006, when we showed off the first Tail, the response has been overwhelming. Can I have one? Do you sell them? Make me a Tail! Finally, the answer is yes.. greyworld’s Tail is 62cm long (24?) plus tufty end and comes in Panther (Black) Snow Leopard (Black and White) Lion(ess) (Beige) and Bond Villain Cat (White) Each tail comes with a remote control Keyfob and Charger.
source: greyworld

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The Tail prototype (2006) (01:34)
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Friday, October 28, 2011

Crying While Eating

Crying While Eating is a contagious media website project featuring voluntarily submitted videos of people crying while they eat something. Originally put together in 2005 as a contest submission for Contagious Media Showdown, Crying While Eating was quickly picked up by online media outlets like BoingBoing and MetaFilter within the first 48 hours of its launch. Examples and iterations of CWE videos can be found on its official concept blog as well as on YouTube.
source: knowyourmeme

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What she’s eating: Zucaritas
What she’s crying about: Americanization tastes grrrreat! (00:30)

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What he’s eating: KNIXX Crisp Joghurt & Vanilla Schokoperls
What he’s crying about: Has to return his MacBook Pro (00:30)

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Babes At The Museum

Ever notice how babes frequent museums? And how they fail to be properly noticed when what’s on exhibition is the main attraction? Babes At The Museum celebrates the love for camouflaged looks and discreet flair that navigate through the world’s most exquisite museums.
source: Babes At The Museum