Monday, June 4, 2012

0h!m1gas: Scratching Beethoven 2009

0h!m1gas is a biomimetic stridulation environment based on the activity of an ant colony, which is being video and audio surveilled, transforming the ants’ social interaction into information that is translated into turntable rotation. Thus, the ants become DJs of their own cybernetic ecology.

The system itself is a sociobiological sound reactive space, which reveals the connection between scratching as an aesthetical expression, created by human culture, and the natural stridulation phenomena produced by ants as a communication method. Ants represent a natural superorganism that can be sensed and understood as a colony of hyper instrumental entities generating sound waves, bits of frequencies and musical beats if we analyze and channel their movements and stridulations.
source: reelport

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Scratching Beethoven 2009 (03:01)

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Allison Kudla

Allison Kudla is interested in using digital media to preserve and discover environments that are in a continual state of flux. She also uses technology in her art to gain greater perspectives on the system in which she exists, with the vision of generating deeply impacting and fully present systemic realities. She hopes for her work to inspire, develop and question the technology it uses, with the pursuit of utilizing art to create meaningful and present experiences that allow us to understand our selves and our habitats in ways no others forms of human inquiry and development could. In her earlier work, she focused on the variation of interiors by producing real-time video/audio renderings using data sensed within the given space. Her more recent work uses data sensed from natural systems to create hybrid bio-mechanical systems. Currently she has been exploring CNC technologies and plant tissue culturing in her time-based botanical works.
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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Veronica Ranner - Biophilia 2011

Current sciences progress at an exponential pace – my practise aims therefore to mediate the intersection of emerging technology, science, society and design. Using a wide range of media such as objects, illustrations, video as well as artistic and scientific collaborations, I hope to encourage the public to question and re-assess their relationship towards technology.
source: Veronica Ranner

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[ FF — Phase 4 ] — Fertilised Futures (02:58)
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