Monday, July 16, 2012

Neighbours - Norman McLaren, 1952

Neighbours (1952)

Norman McLaren’s most famous animation that reveals his technical brilliance and his sensitivity to the human condition. The stop motion live-actor technique, typically referred to as pixilation, is created by applying the principles of animated cartoon movies to the filming of actors. Instead of making a series of drawings, real human beings are placed in a series of postures in front of the animation camera.
Two animator artists were used as the actors in this particular film because, according to McLaren, they knew exactly how to move themselves. One interesting note: this entire short film was shot outdoors in one location. If doing another such film, McLaren stated that he would shoot it indoors with artificial light. This is because the summer climate of eastern Canada fluctuates too much from day to day and many days they had to stop shooting because of grey skies or very sunny days.
source: teachanimation


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